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AiroDoctor V10P-ID: Fanless in-duct unit for new and retrofitting existing HVAC units equipped with certified and patented photocatalysis technology
AiroDoctor V10P-ID: Fanless in-duct unit for new and retrofitting existing HVAC units equipped with certified and patented photocatalysis technology

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Fanless in-duct module with professional air purification for retrofitting in HVAC systems

  • AiroDoctor V10P-ID in-duct module for new construction and retrofitting
  • long-term effective and sustainable air purification solution
  • certified and internationally patented UV-A photocatalysis technology

AiroDoctor V10P-ID: Fanless in-duct module for HVAC systems

AiroDoctor® V10P-ID is a passive in-channel photocatalysis unit designed to effectively filter and clean the airflow in small and medium-sized air handling units (HVAC). The fanless module is suitable for both new constructions and retrofitting of HVAC systems. Thus, with the V10P-ID, AiroDoctor offers a long-term powerful and sustainable solution for antiviral and antibacterial air purification of larger indoor areas and buildings: hotels, restaurants, offices, meeting venues, universities, schools, daycare centers, retail stores, malls and more.

"We are very pleased to now offer our powerful purification technology
based on UV-A photocatalysis with our new unit for retrofitting of HVAC
systems or new constructions. Even beyond the Corona pandemic, clean,
healthy indoor air remains a focus, especially in larger, highly
frequented spaces and buildings." - Carsten Hermann, co-developer

Easy to integrate, high life expectancy

The AiroDoctor V10P-ID in-duct module can be easily adapted for existing
ventilation channels and easily integrates into existing systems. By
means of various designs and duct diameters, systems with up to 10m/s
flow velocity are covered. An automatic mode sensor continuously
measures the airflow and activates air purification with photocatalysis
only when the main system is in operation. Passive in-duct
photocatalysis thus ensures maximum air purification with low pressure
drop and reducing the risk of contamination or infection in
recirculating and mixed air operation. The AiroDoctor V10P-ID in-duct
unit requires very little maintenance and has an extremely long lifespan
of at least 50,000 hours.

Proven, highly effective and certified photocatalysis technology

Like all AiroDoctor air purification solutions, the V10P-ID in-duct module
operates on the foundation of AiroDoctors highly effective and
hazard-free UV-A photocatalysis, a certified and internationally
patented air purification technology. This technology has been proven to
decompose 99.9% of all pathogens and pollutants using UV-A light from
high-power LEDs in reaction with a unique catalyst made of titanium
dioxide (TiO2). Thus, unlike conventional filtering methods, the
AiroDoctor in-duct module V10P-ID sustainably eliminates and renders
viruses, bacteria, harmful gases - and other particles that are
hazardous to health - harmless. No harmful by-products are created in
the process.

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AiroDoctor® is a trademark of ScreenSource GmbH based in Germany with offices in Germany, USA and South Korea. The international team with offices in Germany and South Korea consists, among others, of biochemists and product designers with origins in the research, development and production of innovative liquid crystal and OLED display technologies.

With its technological lead, the company has succeeded in the field of UV-A LED photocatalysis to achieve breakthrough results. The complete disinfection of air and elimination of infectious aerosols is a milestone. The close cooperation with the South Korean KICT, a governmental institute, has been a key driver.

Today, the solutions offered by ScreenSource GmbH are distributed worldwide and range from innovative display products to professional air purification solutions such as the AiroDoctor, which incorporates the technology used by governments and public institutions internationally in the fight to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) infections and has been officially recommended since 2020.

"Our mission is to make human interaction and collaboration indoors more safely."

Press contacts

Carsten Hermann

Carsten Hermann

Press contact Founder & CEO +49 (0) 30 39886850
Andrea Guerra

Andrea Guerra

Press contact Sales Director International +49 30 398868502
Philipp Franke

Philipp Franke

Press contact Key Account Manager Germany +49 30 398868501

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The world's first tested air purifier with a disinfection performance of 99.9% against bacteria and viruses in the air

Our company started with innovative solutions for retail and business environments and specialized in liquid crystal and transparent LCD and display technologies. Today, our solutions range from innovative display products to professional air purification solutions especially one of the first technologies recommended by the South Korean government in the fight to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) infections.

AiroDoctor® by ScreenSource GmbH
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