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AiroDoctor technology recommended: harmless and secure air purification for schools and classrooms
AiroDoctor technology recommended: harmless and secure air purification for schools and classrooms

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Expert opinion of the Berlin Charité confirms highly effective performance of the AiroDoctor air purifier, clear recommendation for use in schools

  • Expert study by Berlin's Charité hospital certifies high efficacy; recommendation for use in schools
  • Real-life study: AiroDoctor air purifier suitable for protection against corona infections and long-term reduction of indoor allergen exposure in classrooms
  • European Allergy Foundation awards ECARF label for allergy-friendly products and services

Confirmed: High effectiveness for infectious aerosols and pollutants

A scientific expert study commissioned by the Charité hospital in Berlin has confirmed that the AiroDoctor air purifier is highly effective in cleaning indoor air of airborne infectious aerosols and allergens. It concludes that "the device is eminently suitable for use in classrooms both to improve infection protection and, independently of the current pandemic, in the long term to reduce allergen exposure among students and teaching staff." Safe schooling would thus be possible even during the Corona pandemic if emphasis were placed on "a combination of measures in conjunction with the use of air purifiers." The report also mentions the advantages and uniqueness of the UV-A LED photocatalysis technology, as well as the fact that the AiroDoctor does not release harmful ozone as a by-product during decontamination of indoor air. In conclusion, the AiroDoctor meets all the criteria of the official seal of the European Allergy Foundation ECARF, a seal for allergy-friendly products and services.

"We are very pleased with this thoroughly positive expert opinion from Charité. The results of the study under real-life conditions were able to confirm the previous findings from scientific laboratory studies. This is a good signal for everyday school life during the Corona pandemic and beyond." - Carsten Hermann, Managing Director ScreenSource GmbH

Viruses, pollen, fine dust: Real-life study proves fast and effective air purification

In the expert study, the experts examined the degree to which the AiroDoctor is suitable for keeping a typical classroom clean with a constant draught of air. The basis for assessing the effectiveness was, among other things, a real-life study conducted by the ECARF Foundation in cooperation with a Berlin secondary school. The effectiveness of air purification from ozone, fine dust and allergenic pollen was measured during normal school operation. The result: after only 5 minutes, fine dust levels were reduced by over 90 percent; after 15 minutes, a very high pollen concentration in the room had been completely filtered out. Ozone was not measurable at any time. Even though no tests with viruses could be carried out for safety reasons, according to the expert opinion it can be assumed that the results are also transferable to viral loads. Even a single SARS-CoV-2 virus with a diameter of approximately 0.16 micrometers can be filtered out by the AiroDoctor. The same applies to the much larger infectious aerosols, airborne droplet nuclei in which hundreds to thousands of viruses are bound.

Beyond the pandemic: AiroDoctor improves everyday school life for allergy sufferers

Allergies of the respiratory tract are the most common chronic disease among school-age children. Here, too, the expert report concludes that the AiroDoctor can make an important contribution to a healthy everyday school life for allergy sufferers. The high filtering performance against pollen can significantly improve the quality of life and learning. It can be assumed that the AiroDoctor "ensures freedom from airborne pollen in school rooms even with window ventilation and high outdoor air concentrations of allergenic pollen". When awarding the ECARF seal for air purifiers, filter performance against pollen plays an important role, as does that against mold spores, fine dust and infectious agents. In addition, no ozone must be released during air purification, the air must not be noticeably cooled, and the exhaust air must be odorless. Since the AiroDoctor met these criteria in the test, the renowned seal could be awarded.

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AiroDoctor® is a trademark of ScreenSource GmbH based in Germany with offices in Germany, USA and South Korea. The international team with offices in Germany and South Korea consists, among others, of biochemists and product designers with origins in the research, development and production of innovative liquid crystal and OLED display technologies.

With its technological lead, the company has succeeded in the field of UV-A LED photocatalysis to achieve breakthrough results. The complete disinfection of air and elimination of infectious aerosols is a milestone. The close cooperation with the South Korean KICT, a governmental institute, has been a key driver.

Today, the solutions offered by ScreenSource GmbH are distributed worldwide and range from innovative display products to professional air purification solutions such as the AiroDoctor, which incorporates the technology used by governments and public institutions internationally in the fight to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus) infections and has been officially recommended since 2020.

"Our mission is to make human interaction and collaboration indoors more safely."

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The world's first tested air purifier with a disinfection performance of 99.9% against bacteria and viruses in the air

Our company started with innovative solutions for retail and business environments and specialized in liquid crystal and transparent LCD and display technologies. Today, our solutions range from innovative display products to professional air purification solutions especially one of the first technologies recommended by the South Korean government in the fight to reduce the risk of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus) infections.

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